Weekly Stock Review: September 8-12, 2008

Between September 8-12, 2008, 629.9 thousand shares of 42 SHCs were sold at the Mongolian Stock Exchange, totaling 172.1 million MNT during 5 stock trades.
At the primary stock market, 253 shares of “Remicon” SHC were sold, totaling 25.3 thousand MNT.

TOP-20 index was 8307.98 and it was decreased by 197.16 points or 2.3%. As the result the market value was 688.8 billion MNT. Shares of Telecom Mongolia (by -13.8%), Erdenet Carpet (-12.5%), APU (-10.7%), Eermel (-7.3%) and the State Department Store (-5.1%) were decreased. The most actively traded shares were Khukh Gan SHC (263.2 thousand), Hermes Centre SHC (222.7 thousand), Tuul Songino Water Reserve SHC (31.8 thousand), Genco Tour Bureau SHC (29.4 thousand), Moninjbar SHC (20.0 thousand).

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