Water protectionists summoned in Mongolia

Mongolia is one of the 20 countries where the drinking water reserve is low. Water consumption of Mongolia was 200 million cubic meters in 1970s, but it reached 400 million now. But 237.2 million cubic meter drinking water is used for industrial purpose and population consumption is 71.35 cubic meters. Also technical report was grated to 70 entities in 13 aimags and these entities will use 104.2 million cubic meters drinking water. 4.58% of it is surface water and 95.42% is artesian water. Drying of many rivers and creeks, which drastically accelerates recently, is the main concern of experts in this field. There is a international conference is being held in Mongolia, regarding proper consumption and protection of water. Delegates from over 80 countries gathered in the conference. During this 5–days-conference, in Chinggis Khaan Hotel, report of water consumption of Mongolia and Report on World water reserve and its proper protection and utilization will be presented. In 1996 Mongolia organized its first meteorological conference and joined in the international water study program in 1964.

Although Mongolia is included in the list of countries where water reserve is quite low, its water consumption is relatively high comparing with other countries. Most of the Mongolian land is semi-steppe, therefore water reserve is lower than other places. Also some possibilities were mentioned regarding to bring water to south gobi area from the central area where the water reserve is relatively high.


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