Top Tax Payers will be Supported by the Government

Today, Prime Minister S.Batbold met with the executives of the top 100 tax payer companies and organizations in Mongolia. This marks the first time the head of Government has invited leading contributors to the Mongolian state budget into the State Palace to show appreciation.

This year’s top tax payers included notable companies and organizations such as Erdenet Mining Corporation, Tavan Tolgoi Incorporate Company, Mongolyn Alt Group, APU, Oyu Tolgoi LLC, Energy Resources LLC, Mobicom Corporation, Skytel LLC, Darkhan Metallurgy factory, Talkh Chiher, MIAT (Mongolian Airlines), and the Trade and Development bank.

The Prime minister expressed in his opening speech how grateful he was for every company representatives present. He said the passing year has been a good one for Mongolians as we have accomplished many goals such as becoming self-sustainable¬† with wheat and potatoes as well as increasing employed citizens by 72 thousand through the project “Year for Support of Employment”.

We are utilizing our strategic mines to aid the economy and we have started a project to build apartments for 100 thousand citizens. Our economic growth is expected to reach 20% by the end of the year, and that is with the effort and contribution of all of you.

He further mentioned that the Government and private companies had found new grounds for co-operation and that the upcoming Tavan Tolgoi shares to citizens will bring about positive results for Mongolians.

The Prime Minister expressed his opinions that the lack of banks and construction companies in the top tax payer’s list needed to be looked into. He said that heavy penalties will be imposed on companies that try to avoid tax, but on the other hand, companies which abide their social responsibilities will be supported by the Government policy.

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