To produce electricity by carbonating coal in the depth of earth

“Green Resource” company made disclosure to produce electricity and natural gas to supply Mongolia using technology of carbonating coal in the depth of earth. It prepared its feasibility study to start with Far West of Mongolia, where the electricity in high demand. As for today, this region imports its energy 100% from Russian Federation and its consumption of electricity is 50 million kilobyte/hour and pays 17.5 million US$. Moreover, projected mining projects such as Asgat silver mine, Hushuut coal mine and centers of Gobi-Altai and Zavkhan provinces.

Therefore, the resolution of State Great Khural to produce 10mega watt at minimum based on Nuurst Khotgor coal deposit, Bukhmurun soum, Uvs province was made on January 31 2007. Based on this demand, in order to secure the stable price, “Green Resource” LLC and “Khotgor” SHC signed on 100 years – agreement of stability agreement. Once the project is implemented, price of 1kilowatt/hour energy will be not more than 50 MNT and 1 cubic meter heating will be not higher than 200 MNT. This price schedule can be stable 50 years at minimum regardless gas or crude oil price. More advantages of this project are not to dig earth and excavate coal. It won’t be needed to conduct environmental recovery work also.

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