The President will appoint the next ACA Chief

The State Supreme Court ordered three Anti-Corruption Authority (ACA) officials convicted of corruption released from custody last month. The Standing Committee on Justice delivered a note to President Ts.Elbegdorj asking him to nominate a new head of the ACA.

An official in the President’s Office told our correspondent that the president has not yet officially nominated anyone for the post, but sources say several candidates are under consideration.

Among them are Colonel N.Ganbold, a former emissary from Mongolia to Russia; B.Galdaa, the head of the Investigation Board of the State Prosecutors’ General Office; Major General M.Ganbold, former chief of the Police General Department; J.Enkhsaikhan, vice president of the Mongolian Advocates’ Union; and T.Lkhagva, a former instructor at the Management Academy.


As an outsider I may not be qulified to comment on internal Mongolian politics.
If coruption is considered a political problem.
From what I know of Russia and China, and So Korea, they all have been in the past very corrupt, anhd I have read nothing to indicate the situation has changed much in the last few years.
My suggestion, appoint an academic, educated in some place like UK, USA, Austrailia or the like.
Preventing corruption is best done when appointees have short terms of service.
Just my opinion.

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