The outbreak of umbilical infection was blamed upon the finance ministry

After the outbreak of umbilical infection disease the standing committee on social policy set up a working group and got au fait with the operations of the maternity hospitals number 1, 2 and 3.

The working group presented its report on Tuesday at the standing committee’s meeting. Although the health budget has been increasing year after year due to the inefficient policy and regulations not much attention has been given toward maternity hospitals’ issues which eventually caused the outbreak of the disease, according to the working group. Furthermore, they stated that finance ministry’s decision to cut the budget of the health ministry also was one of the factors.

The working group stated that the budget for erecting maternity hospital number 4 was approved in 2007. Yet, the construction works haven’t been launched.
At the end of the meeting the committee settled on submitting a report to the standing committee on budget.

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