The Mongolian state budget deficit reached ₮574 billion

World Bank, Forbes magazine and the National Statistics Committee listed the key indicators of the Mongolian economy in the first half of 2012.
According to the list, the Mongolian GDP is US$8.8 billion with 15.2% increase and industrial sector forms 32.6% of GDP, agriculture 15.8% and service industry 51.6% respectively.
Unemployment rate is 11% of its 1.1 million labour age group and poverty rate is 39.2%. Also inflation rate was 14.5% and foreign trade loss is $1 billion, with export of $2.2 billion and import of $3.3 billion.
The biggest concern was that the state budget deficit reached ₮574.8 billion. The Mongolian SDR (Special Drawing Right) was set to BB category (stable).

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