The Government of Mongolia will have 16 ministries

Prime Minister N.Altankhuyag presented his draft law on the Government structure and its members to the President of Mongolia. The New Government will have 16 ministries and 19 ministers including Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Head of the Cabinet Secretariat. Ministries are divided into two categories: General (policy making) and directional (implementing)
General ministries:
1. Environment and Green Development
2. Foreign Relations
3. Finance
4. Justice
Directional ministries
5. Construction and Urban Development
6. Defense
7. Education and Science
8. Roads and Transport
9. Culture, Sport and Tourism
10. Mining
11. Industry and Agriculture
12. Labour
13. Humand Devlopment and Social Welfare
14. Economic Development
15. Energy
16. Health
“Justice” Coalition of MPRP-MNDP group will hold meeting at 10.00, August 14 2012, on the structure and forming of the Government with attendance of PM Altankhuyag.
Altankhuyag receives welcome from the President of Mongolia Ts.Elbegdorj


I looked over the list really good. I’m sure that a strong case was made for each Ministry and there is every hope for a great, prosperous Mongolia with a government that speaks to the peoples needs. But with some critical thinking you should be able to operate with no more than six ministries. With such a large number you are headed to a bloated government that strangles business and stymies growth and keeps your population from becoming an exceptional culture that I know the Mongolians are capable of.

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