The Government Discusses About Salary Raise

On Friday, the government discussed about the issue of salary raise and other financial benefits for state employees as demanded by the Mongolian Worker’s Union.

They concluded that in accordance with article 3.1 of the 2010-2011 three-party Labor and Social Convention, the Government, the Mongolian Worker’s Union, and the Mongolian Employer’s Union will discuss the the demands made by the Mongolian Worker’s Union.

Also, the Minister of Labor and Social Welfare T.Gandi was instructed to keep measures in accordance with the budget and time line reflected in theĀ  National Budget Law for 2012 passed by the Parliament.

3.1 of the three-party Convention states that “In times of financial and economic recession, the subject of raising salary through optimal distribution of budget, work achievement and performance bonuses should be formulated by the three-party members and proposed to the Parliament.”

The issue of salary and social welfare raise was already reflected in the National Budget plan for 2012. But the time line for the raise had been delayed to April and October. That is why the Mongolian Workers Union had went on strike demanding the Government to raise the salary of state employees before the 1st of January, 2011, and the Lunar New Year of the same year.

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