Teachers to End Their Strike on Monday

Today, Prime Minister S.Batbold held a meeting with head of the Mongolian Worker’s Union S.Ganbaatar, and head of the Mongolian Education and Science Laborer”s Union J.Batzorig.

Workgroups commissioned by the Prime Minister started three-party talks with the Unions. As a result, teachers will end their strike on Monday, and schools and kindergartens will revert back to regular operations.

Head of the Mongolian Worker’s Union S.Ganbaatar mentioned the fact that Prime Minister S.Batbold’s presence at the meeting is a sign that the negotiations were being given high priority by the Government.

The Prime Minister said the Government is working hard to formulate a plan by which teachers will be able to receive staged salary raises in April and May, and that the plan would be presented to the Parliament as soon as possible.

He also went on to say that the Government was taking the utmost realistic and professional approach to solving the issue and asked the other parties in the negotiations to keep in mind their responsibilities in order to make the negotiations a success.

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