SouthGobi Sands licenses are suspended

SouthGobi Signs Cooperation Agreement With Aluminum Corporation of China Limited (CHALCO) and Receives Notification of CHALCO’s Intention to Make a Proportional Take-Over Bid. SouthGobi has been informed that CHALCO intends to make a take-over bid for up to 60% of the issued and outstanding common shares of SouthGobi at C$8.48 per share (“Proportional Offer”). SouthGobi […]

Autumn Session of the Parliament begins

The Autumn Session of Parliament (SGK) began today and the Parliament Speaker opened the session with his speech. Speaker D.Demberel stated his “strong” support for renegotiating the Oyutolgoi development agreement. He said, “We must consider increasing the Government’s share up to 50 percent.” The current agreement, ratified two years ago, gives the government a 34 […]

MP Sh.Saikhansambuu: I don’t understand why the IA was supported when it was previously claimed as a bad one

Interview of Sh.Saikhansambuu after he left the meeting of the Standing committee on budget due to frustration towards the decision of law on windfall profit tax. Q: What are the things that frustrated you? A: You have seen the environment during the standing committee’s meeting. The 68% windfall profit tax took long period of discussion and […]