Oyutolgoi exploitation issue may postpone

Some sources inform that today’s meeting of Standing Committee on Security and Foreign Policy would discuss working group conclusion on Oyutolgoi deposit mine’s exploitation issue and Technique Economic Basis and Mineral Resources Council’s summary but the discussion is postponed because officials of Mineral Resources Council, Minister of Finance S.Bayartsogt and Minister of Nature, Environment and […]

254 gold licenses are canceled

Gold mining licenses in the territory of water and forest reservoir will be canceled. But, according to the Government resolution, exploration licenses and licenses of companies recovering their work wont’ be canceled. Because exploration works are less harmful for the environment than its mining alternative. As for now, 390 licenses are under the threat of […]

OT IA will be signed tomorrow

OT IA will be signed tomorrow at 15.00. The ceremony will be held at the Grand Hall of the Government House, with attendance of Presdient Ts.Elbegdorj, Speaker D.Demberel, Prime Minister S.Bayar and other senior officials of the Government of Mongolia and civil representatives. The agreement consists of three parts; investment, shareholders and pre-payment. D.Zorigt, Minister […]

400 million MNT budget surplus in the year 2008

Meeting of standing committee on environment, food and agriculture were held yesterday. L.Gansukh, Minister for Environment and tourism and T.Badamjunai, Minister for food, agriculture and light industry reported about their expenditure in the year 2008. According to Minister L.Gansukh, the industry had saved over 400 million MNT from the distributed 6 billion 512 million MNT […]