Tavan Tolgoi IPO likely in 2013

Mongolia’s government is planning to launch an initial public offering for the Tavan Tolgoi coal mine and list it in the first quarter of next year, the chief executive of a Mongolia-based investment bank that advises the government on mining policies said Wednesday. The Mongolian government plans to list shares of Tavan Tolgoi simultaneously in […]

Mongolia's Renewables Belittle World's Nuclear Supply

Untapped mineral riches are fueling Mongolia’s ambition to compete with Australia and Brazil in Asia . The nation’s resource-based economy grew 21 percent last quarter alone. This largesse obscures a potential aboveground treasure also awaiting investors. The world’s most sparsely populated nation has the potential to generate 2.6 million megawatts of wind, solar, geothermal and […]

Capital inflows to Asia slow down amid global financial turmoil – Fitch

MUMBAI (Thomson Financial) – Fitch Ratings said capital inflows to Asia have started slowing down given the heightened risk aversion of global investors and the deteriorating economic fundamentals of the region along with the global economy. Fitch said although first quarter 2008 data suggests the region continues enjoying strong net FDI inflows and is still […]

Develop National Corporation in Order to Mine Ourselves

Singer B.Khongor, Ts.Jadambaa of Global Leadership Institute, and number of other guys announced that they are founding “Bayan Mongol” (stand for Richer Mongolia) civil movement. According to them, Mongolia shall incorporate National Corporation which could serve for the purpose of developing mining projects. “Most important thing is that we, Mongolians have to explore, mine, and […]