Khashchuluun: Mongolian Economy is growing rapidly

Mr. Ch.Khashchuluun, Chairman of the National Development and Innovation Committee answered reporter’s questions on Economic growth, inflation and Development bank. Q: Let’s start the conversation with the subject of Economy and Gross Domestic Product as they have increased by significant amount compared with the previous years? Ch.Kashchuluun: The Real GDP in 2010 was 6 percent […]

Ch.Khashchuluun: We selected the path to have the Mongolian Bank within three years.

Mr. Ch.Khashchuluun, Chairman of the National Development and Innovation Committee and Chairman of the Board of the Development Bank of Mongolia, shares his opinion on the recent development of establishing the Development Bank of Mongolia. Q: Law on Development bank was adopted and its old regulation was amended. Board is going to be changed also. […]

Ministry of Finance issued guarantee on ₮800 billion bond of Development Bank

Yesterday, the agreement on ”Pre-conditions of the Mongolian Government Guarantee” was signed between the Ministry of Finance (State Secretary D.Battur) and the Development Bank of Mongolia (Chairman Ch.Hashchuluun). This will be the main condition of the Mongolian Government Guarantee which will be made by the Minster for Finance. The agreement was made according to the […]

Management team for Development Bank will be selected

Establishment of Development Bank, in purpose of financing important strategic projects, is almost complete. Cabinet Secretariat of the Government Ch. Khurelbaatar informed about that: Strategic projects including Tavantolgoi, 100.000 household, railroad will be financed by Development Bank. National Innovation Committee, State Property Agency were appointed to select the internationally recognized professional and highly skillful team.