Mongolia and China to promote bilateral economic cooperation

China-Mongolia economic and trade conference opened in China on Friday to promote bilateral economic cooperation. The event, jointly organized by the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry and China Inner Mongolia International Trade Promotion Association was aimed at providing a platform for cooperation between Chinese and Mongolian enterprises. Present at the gathering were representatives […]

Coaltrans Mongolia 2012 starts

Having overtaken Australia to become the largest exporter of metallurgical coal to China at the end of 2011, the Mongolian coal market continues to establish itself as a competitive producer in the global coal markets. Coaltrans Mongolia will explore the development of coal projects in the country and offer an insight into what level of […]

Geopolitics at a Mongolian Mine

The Mongolian government is trying to divide a coking coal mine among Chinese, Russian and American interests A coalition led by China’s largest coal company Shenhua Group was granted a leading 40 percent share of a massive Mongolian mining project in July, leaving a Russian-Mongolian concern with 36 percent and U.S.-based Peabody Energy with 24 […]