80% of government and state officials will surrender from their party membership

Official statistics says that there are over 140 thousand state and government officials in Mongolia. About 20% of them including the President, MPs, Cabinet Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Governors of all levels and state owned entities, are political positions. Therefore, they are not to surrender their party membership. However, the remaining 80% will have to make […]

New Cabinet Ministers: Who said what?

Friday, September 19 2008, S.Bayar, Prime Minister of Mongolia sent an introductory letter of his Cabinet Ministers to N.Enkhbayar, President of Mongolia. President N.Enkhbayar met with candidates of the Cabinet Ministers, one by one, starting at 10 am. During these individual meetings, President N.Enkhbayar interested in the candidates’ opinion on their respective sector and added […]

Altanhuyag Norov, Cabinet Member, The 1st Deputy Prime Minister

Altanhuyag Norov, Cabinet Member, The 1st Deputy Prime Minister: 1958 Born in Ulaangom city, Uvs aimag. Education: 1976-1981 National University of Mongolia, occupation: bio-physician and teacher of physics. 1982-1984 Evening course of English at the National University of Mongolia 1992-1993 Administration Development Institute, majoring in State Administration. Upgraded his education in State University of Moscow […]