MP Bat-Erdene to protect the people’s interests

Interview of MPs B.Bat-Erdene, Ts.Davaasuren and G.Bayarsaikhan Yesterday, 7 MPs including Ts.Davaasuren, Ts.Sedvanchig, B.Bat-Erdene, G.Bayarsaikhan and L.Gundalai met with Speaker of the Parliament and presented some requests. The MPs wanted the Speaker of the Parliament to pay more attention on issues such as supply of petroleum and freedom of media. The requests and statements of […]

MPs handed a demand letter to the Speaker on Oyu Tolgoi Investment Agreement

MP Z.Enkhbold, Chairman of Standing Committee on Security and Foreign Policy, and MP N.Batbayar handed an official demand letter to Speaker D.Demberel on strengthening and implementing the resolution of the State Great Khural. MPs D.Gankhuyag, Z.Altai, N.Batbayar, G.Bayarsaikhan, E.Munkh-Ochir, D.Odkhuu, Sh.Saikhansambuu, D.Enkhbat, B.Bat-Erdene, Z.Enkhbold signed on the demand letter. Several issues were pointed in the […]

Mineral Law of Mongolia would be amended

MP D.Gankhuyag, B.Bat-Erdene, G.Bayarsaikhan, Ts.Davaasuren, Z.Enkhbold presented the drfat amednment to the Mineral Law of Mongolia to Mr D.Demberel, the Speaker of the State Great Khural. Current effective Mineral Law of Mongolia has many advantages than its previous version which was adopted in 1997, but lawmakers think that its some provisions might conflict with the […]

The Drilling of the Canadian Company at Khuduu Aral Has Been Stopped Again

Canadians drilled almost half of Khuduu Aral The Canadian “Sheiman Resource Mongolia” company started drilling work for its oil exploration operation at Khuduu Aral, the territory of Delgerkhaan soum, Khentii aimag. The company breached several laws and provisions and it was stopped by MP B.Baterdene and “Khuduu Aral” movement together with local community members. But […]