T.Ochirkhuu: Changes will be made to the railway systems

Regular cabinet meeting yesterday discussed about making changes to the “Ulaanbaatar Railway” financed by Mongolia and Russia. T.Ochirkhuu, Director of the “Ulaanbaatar Railway” answered questions about the matter.

Q: Structural changes will be made to the “Ulaanbaatar Railway” association. What are they?

T.Ochirkhuu: We can look at it more as a renovation program instead of structural changes. The preparation will be finished this year and the program will be implemented until the year 2015 with three different steps. When we are talking about changes, we usually talk about changes in the board or staffs but we are talking about the system. Look at the railway systems of the countries all around the world; we just want to be exactly like that. Our two neighbors made these changes 10 years ago but we are in a process of starting to do that. “Ulaanbaatar Railway” is transportation organization and it should restricted to transportation.

Q: What is systemic change? What should be done to get started?

T.Ochirkhuu: People think that “Ulaanbaatar Railway” is transportation organization but were are not. We operate on other social sectors. For example we operate on educational, trade, factories, tourism and food and agriculture sectors. In other words we nearly operate on all economic sectors. This is not the world’s standard because transportation organization should only do just that. We can assume that there will be job cuts or etc. because it is just the proposal of the Government and we should take this forward and discuss the matter with the Russian side.

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