Spring session of the SGK ends today

D.Demberel, Speaker of the SGK gave speech and officially closed the spring session of SGK. He said the spring session ended after 73 days, 24 session and 128 meetings of the standing committee. He also reported that during the spring session they have implemented 10 laws and amended over 50 draft laws. Spring session of SGK was to close before Naadam festival but various problems postponed the ending date.



With the government given the power to sign the IA and the windfall tax put back into the agreement by Parliament, can the government take out the windfall tax and sign the IA without going back to Parliament?

When does the next official session of Parliament convene?

Since IVN / RTP won’t sign the IA with the windfall tax looks like we are headed back to Parliament in October to finalize this thing.

It appears so.
More delays, business as ussual. This is going to hurt Mongolia economy. Recovery will be delayed even longer.
It shows that they are NOT concerned with getting the OT IA done anytime soon.
MPs seem to simply NOT take the advice of the experts that they have in the government or the ones that they have hired to advise them in these matters.
This could have a strong effect on the IVN stock price, making it more difficult to raise the funds needed to proceed with the OT mine development, or the needed infrastructure work.
Six months during recessionary times is to long to delay these decisions. MPs should be made to stay in session until the issues associated with OT IA are done.
Good Luck Mongolia. I would be very upset with my elected officials if I were a voter. The next election may see some changes in the Parliament. There should be.

A long article on the Railroad leading from TT in the UB Post. Planning underway.
How about the lignite coal mines that are already producing lignite coal in the South Gobi region, only 100 km from Western China border? Are there plans being made to expedite these shipments to China. Sales will help pull Mongolia out of the recession.
What is next? “B”

Have the negotiators from IVN / RTP also gone home?
They must be about insane by now, and in need to take a break.
There are highly educated and inteligent people involved in these negotiations, why are they not being listened to?
This is NOT a time for MPs to take a break.

No comments from Ivanhoe Mines?
No comments from Ivanhoe or Rio tinto in press as yet.
Have you contacted IVN for comment?
Or, Have they gone on a break also?

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