Some findings on Air Pollution Prevention Activities in Ulaanbaatar City

8,7 billion MNT is spent every year to fight against air pollution of Ulaanbaatar City. But in reverse, air pollution has increased by another 20%. The working group on decreasing air pollution, led by MP D.Terbishdavga, makes proposal to increase the budget up to 50 billion MNT.

Actually, according to the resolution 46 of the State Great Khural, the Government should allocate 50 billion MNT every year in fighting against air pollution. But, in the last three years, 8,2 billion MNT is spent in the activities against air pollution.

According to MP D.Terbishdavga, head of the working group, air pollution would be decreased if the given budget was spent according to the resolution 46.
Experts said that 8.2 billion MNT is not that small money fight against the problem. Some statistics say that over 50 thousand people suffered respiratory deseases and the Government spent 4,8 billion MNT to fight with it.


This hole Terbishdavga! What does he want to do with this money? does he need again big house in abroad? Just want to steal food, education, health from Mongolian children! Mongolian stupid government can build new hospital with this money if they want. Unfortunately, they’ll never, never, ever want this.

Well UB dwellers, all I cab say is Good Luck this winter! I don’t tnk we’ll see the results of this money in the nearest future.

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