S.Batbold: The Coalition Government has unfinished Business

After the DP Chairman N.Altankhuyag’s announcement to leave the coalition government today the Prime Minister and Chairman of MPP S.Batbold responded to the matter.

First of all, the Premier stated that he regrets the DP’s decision as MPP invited DP to form a coalition government in 2008 even when MPP won the majority of seats in the Parliament. S.Batbold stressed that large projects are being implemented and they are yet to finish. He said the MPP decided to establish a coalition government for the country’s development, and this principle will guide the party in the future. The coalition government has worked with great success as we have achieved 20% of economic growth.

Besides, he said, there is a contract establishing the coalition government, and it says the coalition government could work until the next Parliament. Also, the contract instructs that the decision of pulling out from the coalition government should be decided after discussion of the two parties’ national consultative committees.

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