Resume of Bold Luvsanvandan, Cabinet Member, The Minister for Defense

1962 Born in Ulaanbaatar
1979  Secondary school #23
1979-1983 Bernau University of Labor and Trade Union, East Germany
Profession: Economics and statistics, Master in Economics
Languages: Mongolian, Russian, German, English and French

Jobs and Positions:
1983-1984 Instructor of the Trade Union in Baganuur City.
1984-1989 Instructor of the Central Committee of the Mongolian Trade Union.
1989-1991 Deputy Head and General Secretary of the Student’s Union of Mongolia.
1990-1992 Representative of the People’s Great Khural of the Republic of Mongolia and Member of the Baga Khural
1992-1993 Head of the World Mongol Youth and Student Center
1993-1996 President, Bodi International Group
1996-2000 Member of Parliament
1999-2000 Head of the Asia Pacific Region of the International Parliament Association
2000-2004 Chairman of the Board of Directors, “Golomt Bank”
2000-2005 President of the Association of the Mongolian Banks
2004-2008 Head of the Mineral Resource and Petroleum Authority of Mongolia
Since 2008 Member of Parliament

Appointed as the Cabinet Minister and the Minister for Defense by the session of the State Great Khural, September 19, 2008.


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