Proposal from citizens relayed to Prime Minister


Prime Minister S.Batbold met with members from the NGO Ulaanbaatar Regional Council on the 2nd of December to discuss the problem of air pollution in the capital city. The council believes that the most effective way to contain air pollution in Ulaanbaatar city is to popularize the widespread use of gas fuel. They presented a letter containing the endorsement of more than 10 thousand citizens who approve the construction of a gas pipeline in Mongolia connecting China and Russia. They requested that the letter be relayed to the authorities of the two countries.

The council mentioned during the meeting that they appreciated the work being undertaken by the Prime Minister to tackle problems in Ulaanbaatar such as air pollution and traffic jams.

The Prime Minister said the Government was taking short, mid, and long-term measures to fight air pollution, and emphasized that distributing gas fuel to citizens was a one of the most important strategies to counter this problem. Larger cities such as London, Beijing and Seoul achieved great success by using similar strategies involving gas fuel.

At the end of the meeting, Prime Minister S.Batbold thanked the members of the council and highlighted the importance of young people’s opinions in solving the problems faced by the residents of Ulaanbaatar city.


Not to belittle the efforts of Russia and China to profit from MNongoklias need for energy, but, why send the money outside of Mongolia?
Is it not just as feasable to generate electricity, with wind power. Cou7ld not these generation facilities be located closer to the citizens that need it that is possible by gas pipeline?
Isn’t the pitential savings in distributionm and the keeping of revenues inside Mongolia more attractive than exporting tax dollars to Russia and China?
Talk to General Electric, they could have the answer.


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