Prime Minister visited Khentii Province

On the first day of 2012, S.Batbold PM launched his working tour to Khentii province and he intended to get acquainted with the locality’s activity and livelihood of people.

Firstly, the Premier legged a vocational training center in Ondorkhaan. Within the cabinet’s goal to support low-income families, he is interested in a number of the people who got jobs through this training center. A head of the center said that over 900 people have been trained in 15 kinds of professions. Those who majored in farming, welding and plumbing have easily got jobs, he said.

Then the Premier held a meeting with the people in the aimag’s center. He underlined that the cabinet will pay special attention to the low-income people, and that small- and middle-sized businessmen will be supported by the government.

During a meeting with businessmen, the Premier spoke about ways to support SME and obliged related officials to alter some laws.

The Premier received the local people’s proposals and said the cabinet intends to support this year SME and low-income families.

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