Prime Minister Supports Bill Regarding the Social Wellfare of Teachers

The subject of making amendments to the educational law to improve the social well-being of teachers is being heavily discussed in the Government. Prime Minister S.Batbold supports the bill put forward by Parliament members D.Oyunkhorol, O.Enkhtuvshin, D.Ochirbat, D.Odbayar, S.Erdene, and P.Altangerel.

The Parliament members presented the bill which includes modification to the current educational law.

The bill includes giving school workers free medical examinations every 5 years, and improving the specialization of teachers through advanced training which will be funded by the government.

If the bill passes, all educational system workers will be able to receive 6 months worth of pension for every 5 years of consistent work. In addition, anyone working in one of the positions listed in the educational law can receive 24 months of regular salary from their respective establishments when they retire after 25 or more years at work. The authors believe that the the new law will abolish the unbalance of salary among state employees.

Prime Minister S.Batbold accepted the bill and promised that it will be presented in the cabinet meeting as soon as possible.

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