Prime Minister S.Batbold Chosen as Man of the Year

11 Years ago, the Mongolian Daily Newspaper chose the year’s top 9 leading public figures for their contribution to society. Since then, the practice has taken shape to become one of the most prestigious and respected awards among Mongolians for it’s fair and honest nature. 100 public figures from various backgrounds make up the judges for this award. This year, they’ve chosen the Mongolian Prime Minister S.Batbold for this prestigious award. During the ceremony yesterday at the Ulaanbaatar Hotel, he was awarded a silver trophy depicting a white lotus and the year of the rabbit.

The Deputy Manager of the Daily Newspaper S.Batbaatar announced that Prime Minister S.Batbold had been chosen as he was an innovative and dependable figure, steering Mongolia in the midst of greatly significant actions and decisions.

The complete list of the chosen 9 people are:

Prime Minister of Mongolia S.Batbold

President of Mongolia Ts.Elbegdorj

Solo Vocalist of the Mongolian State Academic Theatre of Opera-Ballet E.Amartuvshin

President of MCS Group J.Odjargal

Wrestling Champion S.Munkhbat

Light-weight Boxing Champion P.Serdamba

Minister of Finance S.Bayartsogt

Mayor of Ulaanbaatar G.Munkhbayar

Deputy Premier of Mongolia M.Enkhbold

Minister of Foreign Affairs G.Zandanshatar

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