Petrovis LLC

Name: Petrovis LLC

Industry: Petroleum

Company in Brief: “Petrovis” Co.,Ltd is a private company with limited liabilities, established in 1997. The main activities of the Company are import and wholesale and retail distribution of petroleum products. The corporate mission of the Company is “to achieve a leading position in the Petroleum market by strengthening a competitive edge”, and a main goal is “to built up a petroleum distribution network with modern technology and information system and to maintain high service standards.”

The scope of business activities of the company include import, marketing and distribution of petroleum products to Mongolia. Petrovis has always been putting customer service and high customer satisfaction at front by delivering the full range of products such as gasoline, diesel fuel, jetfuel, heating and power generation products in demand by the increasingly dynamic Mongolian market economy. Activities:
•    Import, wholesale and retail distribution of petroleum products;
•    Transportation and storage of petroleum products;
•    Quality control of petroleum products through laboratory tests;
•    Import and distribution of lubricants;
•    Introduction of liquefied petroleum gas
•    Environment protection
•    Services
These activities are the basis to the corporate mission of Petrovis, which is “to achieve a leading position in the petroleum product market throughout the country by strengthening our competitive edge”.
In this way “Petrovis” Co.,Ltd intends to achieve its central goal: to build up a petroleum distribution network with modern technology and information systems, and to maintain the highest service standards.


Year 1997

“Petrovis” Co.,Ltd was established in 1997 as a joint venture company with foreign investment. The first retail consisted of four gasoline retail stations “gas stations”, one storage depot in Ulaanbaatar and a gas station in Darkhan. Also, in that year, “Petrovis” Co.,Ltd became an authorized distributor of the Shell, the world’s second largest privately owned oil Company, and started market distribution of automotive and industrial lubricants.

Year 1999

In 1999 there was a shortage of petroleum products in Mongolia. “Petrovis” responded to the challenge and as a consequence of the way in which it was able to enable customers to obtain essential supplies, the profile of the company was raised significantly in the market.

Year 2000

“Petrovis” Co.,Ltd subsequently followed up this success by establishing a joint venture company with the US company “U-Fuel Inc” in 2000. Using “U-Fuel”’s patented technology for the portable gas stations, “Petrovis” Co.,Ltd was able to quickly diversify its local distribution network and as a result quickly broadened the scope of its marketing and distribution territory.

Year 2001

Accordingly in 2001-2002, “Petrovis” Co., Ltd became the first private company in Mongolia to set up a nationwide unified network for storage, distribution and transportation of petroleum products. In this way, the Company became a major player in the market. This position was further strengthened by the successful competitive tender placed by “Petrovis” Co.,Ltd in March 2004, for the Government’s 80% shareholding “NIC” JSC, the largest petroleum company of Mongolia.

Chief Executive Officer: J.Oyungerel

Chief Financial Officer: N/A

Chief Operating Officer: N/A

TOP 100 Rank: 4

Address: Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, Prime Minister Amar Street-8

Tel: 976 11 330606, 330909,330808,323800, 327051

Fax: Fax:+976 11 320426, 314012


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