Optic cabel was cut off and “internet-out” in Mongolia

Due to the cut-off of optic cabel of railcom of the Mongolian railway last night, internet service was failed in Ulaanbaatar. A Chinese road building company’ excavator cut the railcom optic cabel, 4 km from Sainshand city, the center of Dornogobi aimag. The cut cabel was restored at about 22.00 and the internet was back to its normal last night. The Chinese company will be fined for its damage.


It is clear that the regulatory authorities have to demand at least some back up lines. To cut the electronic access to the outside world nowadays causes a much higher damage than the physical repair work on the cable and we don’t assume this will be fined to the company involved as well.
Reliable infrastructure in electricity, telephone and internet are very important for local and international companies to perform and besides consistent and reliable business law and practice they are certainly key factors in attracting foreign investment.

Totally agree with your comment. Some cable replacement is not the issue. the main issue is loss of time. In business we all buy only one thing: TIME!!!

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