Opening of Rare Antique Exhibition

An exhibition celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Outer Mongolian Revolution of 1911 opened it’s doors to the general public today in the National Museum. Among the attendees was the Deputy Minister of Mongolia, M.Enkhbold.

The exhibition showcases many rare authentic antiques dating back to the National Revolution of 1911. These include flags from the Bogd Khan era, stamps used by the emperor and his ministries, authentic decrees of law, diplomatic and internal documents, belongings of the Bogd VIII and other independence activists, and many other antiques showing the day to day lives of commoners.

The exhibition is being organized with the cooperation of the National Commission for celebrating the 100th anniversary the Mongolian Revolution, the National Archive, and the National Museum. The exhibition will be open to the general public until the 29th of February, 2012.

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