Only foreign citizens will have access to limited casinos

MP D.Zagdjav, D.Batbayar proposed draft law on Limited Casino to Speaker D.Demberel. Casino business is soaring around the world and our two neighbours are allowing limited casinos in certain zones and areas. Neighboring regions of our neighbor countries don’t have any casinos or gambling centers, which allows Mongolia to flourish such businesses. Law initiators believe that it will contribute to the Mongolian economy and revenue.

One percent of casino income will be collected into the “Good Will” Foundation, a social welfare fund. The casino is only open to foreign nationals and the Government of Mongolia will own certain part of the casino.


This draft law has both the positives and the negatives. I believe it could generate some revenues for the government but then there is always drawbacks to these kinds of things. They should also think about how many foreigners are in Mongolia to generate the revenue?

I think, government should carefully approach on this matter. Casino has always been a very serious and problematic issue to any country. However, the idea of only foreigners are allowed to enter casinos, has some advantages in terms of local people’s addiction to gambling and its type of games. Sure, it will contribute certain amount of revenue to the economy and this money purely generate from foreigners which means economically its quite beneficial to the country. Or they can limit locals by charging high amount of money for entering into casinos just like how Singapore is managing its own people and the boosting casino field.

Ah the so called “Walker Hill” model, the system they used in Korea.

The story they try to sell the parliament that the Casino is is only for foreigners so it will be OK.

What they don’t mention is the corruption, the prostitution, the gangsters, the usurious money lenders (AKA loan sharks). Every Casino in the world has these elements. Casino gambling is pure evil & it attracts the worst kind of people.

If this Casino goes ahead the Japanese Yakuza, the Korean Kkangpae, the Chinese Triads & the Russian Mafia, Russkaya Mafiya (мафия) will be the only winners.

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