New Railway Project is spurred by the Cabinet

During the regular Cabinet Meeting, MP Kh.Battulga, Minister for Road, Transport, Construction and Urban Development, made presentation on “New railway” project progress and initial financing.

Cabinet Meeting instructed Board Directors of Development Bank to transfer the necessary fund for the feasibility study, geological and geodesy and environmental impact evaluation and earth work of the project.

Within the framework of “New Railway” project 468 km railway between Tavan Tolgoi – Sainshand, Sainshand – Khuut (450 km), Khuut – Choibalsan (155 km), Khuut – Numrug (380 km), Tavan Tolgoi – Gashuunsukhait (267 km), NariinSukhait – Shiveekhuren (46 km) railroads are planned. According to the earlier research and evaluation, 1 km railroad base structure will require US$2.5-2.8 million. The project developers expect to transport 66 million tons of coal by 2020.


Excellent column.
Where can I (we readers) find maps that might depict the locations of these proposed railways?
And the locations of new mineral resources.
What kind of infrastructure has been developed for the OYU TOLGOI mine region.
10,000 reportedly employed at this mine now.
Where do they live?
What preparations for utilities have been made and or done in the past few years?
Public transportation, public utilities, streets, sewers, water electricity.
How about housing in the region, not only for the mine employess but the peripheral businesses, waste disposal, recycling facilities ( a great etrepeneurial opportunity for an energetic Mongolian). The time to establish these effortsd is yesterday.
Recycle, aluminum, paper, plastic, glass, and metals.
Just thinking outlaoud.

thanks for the precious info.
Where can I find the news about the tender (or the general follows-up) for this argument?

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