New National Policy for Salary Distribution Discussed

The Minister of Labor and Social Welfare T.Gandi gave a report during the Parliamentary meeting about the new policy being developed which concerns the salary of state-employees. The Minister was instructed to hear the opinions of the members of Parliament and to incorporate them into the new policy.

The new policy will employ measures in order to steadily yet gradually raise worker’s salaries by taking into account the social economic status and keep state-employees salaries on par with non-state employed workers.

The draft of the new policy will be reviewed by various international and domestic analysts before being discussed by the Mongolian Worker’s Union and the Mongolian Employer’s Union.

The policy aims to increase living standards of state and non-state workers all over the nation through the modification of the salary distribution system as well as increasing their work ability through various training programs.

The Government hopes that the new policy will bring positive renovations to the salary distribution in the government and public sectors.

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