New Coalition Government of Mongolia is about to be formed

As the result of the National Consulting Committee Conference of Demparty of Mongolia, it made decision to enter in coalition with ”Justice Coalition”, MPRP and National Democratic Party of Mongolia, and Civil Will Green Party. Justice Coalition will form 25% of the Cabinet, while Demparty and CWGP jointly compose 75% of the Cabinet.
Some sources say that MP Ulaan will be appointed as the Deputy Prime Minister, MP N.Batbayar for Minister for Finance, Mr. Aruinsan, former Deputy Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy, for the Minister, MP Temuujin for Minister for Justice and Internal Affairs.
The main concern of the Coalition for the foreign investors and mining companies is the possible nationalization of the mining projects back to the state ownership or increase of the state ownership in mining projects. Foreign investors are mostly concerned with possible nationalization plan of Justice Coalition, stated in the platform for the election. Actually, nothing much and clear statement is made in the Justice Coalition platform. Here excerpts from the platform, concerning about the mineral or natural resources.
“… 1.2. Complete calculation of natural resources shall be made, as the result, the database will be established and will be transferred to the people and the state policy shall be developed and implemented to protect, restore and utilize it. The political, social and economic condition shall be formed for the far distribution of outcome of the natural resource, progress and development of the state…”
Also, platform of the election of Demparty and other parties which joined to the coalition Government is developed based on the heavy anticipation of the economic growth of the country. If the Coalition Government tries to nationalize mining projects and neglects FDI, it will commit complete suicide in front of the people of Mongolia. strongly recommends to our readers not to take this election result so pessimistic. There is a proverb about this situation which may most conveniently answer the question “Dawn comes not because of rooster chucks, but rooster chucks when dawn comes”.

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