N.Altankhuyag: DP will not leave the coalition government

The Democratic Party held its monthly meeting with journalists on Thursday. The theme of the meeting was education. Afterwards, our correspondent spoke with the head of the party, N. Altankhuyag.
Q: What would the DP like to do to improve pre-school education?
N.Altankhuyag: A public discussion among representatives of 14 aimags has shown that it is time to reform pre-school education. There are many complaints. Therefore we need to hold a public discussion on the issue, which we are calling “A Mongolian 2020.”  We will meet with representatives of the other seven aimags. Finally, we will hold a decisive meetintg in Ulaanbaatar with experts on the issues. There are a total of 51,230 children who are starting school in Mongolia. They are our future. We need to give them a good start. Mongolia is rapidly developing. We need well educated, skilled workers. There are complaints that too many of our workers come from abroad. But we can’t stop that until we train our people. Now we must train good engineers and skilled workers.
Q: Are you saying that the Government has no policy on pre-school education?
N.Altankhuyag: We need to reform our policy.
Q: The Government is supposed to support students. But are pre-schools being left behind?
N.Altankhuyag: The Government grants MNT 45,000 to students who attend professional training centers. But we should also consider general education grants, teacher training, increasing wages for teachers, and improving teachers’ working conditions. If we make the conditions better for teachers, the schools will improve.
Q: The Koreans are to head the Development Bank. Do you think that is a good decision?
N.Altankhuyag: We need people who can manage the bank. The Korean Development Bank is very experienced in the field and that is the reason we chose it.
Q: Is the DP collecting signatures to leave the joint government?
N.Altankhuyag: There is no such talk among our members.

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