N.Altankhuyag: Axe agencies but expands Ministries

This morning PM Altakhuyag presented the draft law on the structure of the Government and Cabinet members. After that he made statement to the media representatives.
PM Altakhuyag commented that after the approval of the law, the name of Ministries will be clear. The previous Government had 15 ministries, but the current Government will have 19 and number of ministries are increased from 11 to 16.
Before, the Committee of Development and Innovation had agency status. In order to provide power to implement its function, is status should be upgraded into the Ministry level and it will bear name of Ministry for Economy and Development. Also, Ministry of Minerals and Energy and Ministry of Roads, Construction and Urban Development are to be split. The reason is that single ministry in charge of the crucial sectors, creates much bureaucracy in the decision making.
Road is important sector in Mongolia as well as urban development, but these two sectors are managed under 1 manager is also not good to make progress. This was proven during this summer’s continuous rain. Such observations made us to split the ministries, but we are reducing number of agencies by over 10 from 43. Ministries will have deputy ministers also.

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