MPs do not support amendment in OT Investment Agreement

Today, Standing Committee of the State Great Khural held meeting on draft program of the Government of Mongolia in 2012-2016. During the meeting, MP O.Baasankhuu, “Justice Coalition” raised several questions and comments to his fellow MPs. One of such questions was to increase the Mongolian ownership at Oyu Tolgoi project to 51%. But the question was not supported by MPs except MP Kh.Battulga, Minister for Industry and Agriculture, and MP D.Bat-Erdene, Minister for Defense.
Even MP D.Terbishdavga, who was the biggest criticizer of OT IA during the previous parliament, and MP N.Battsereg didn’t supported the question. They all elected from “Justice Coalition” of MPRP and the Mongolian National Democratic Party, which was elected to return mining projects back to the state ownership and increase of the Mongolian ownership at Oyu Tolgoi project.


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