Move One Well Positioned to Assist Future Trade Between the US and Mongolia

As the Mongolian President’s visit to Senate results in Mutual Cooperation Bill, Move One prepares for widening of trade

As part of a historic visit to the US, President of Mongolia, Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj, has met with the American Senate in Washington DC. In response to the official visit, senators, including John Kerry and John McCain, introduced and passed a motion expressing support for the developing trade partnership between Mongolia and the US.

The succinct bill, which was less than 335 words in length, passed unanimously on July 15 as part of the one-hundred and twelfth congress. The core of the bill said that it “Expresses the sense of the Senate to… cement the growing friendship between the governments and peoples of the United States and Mongolia; the continued commitment of the Mongolian people and the government of Mongolia to advancing democratic reforms and protecting investment deserves acknowledgment; and the US government should continue to promote economic, academic and cultural cooperation with Mongolia and support international financial assistance for Mongolia.”

The full text is available at the Mongolian Embassy to America’s homepage.

Move One Logistics is already at the forefront of this growing trading relationship, and is well positioned to serve the bilateral needs of both nations. The company is helping to shape the economic destiny of Mongolia by facilitating business with not only the US but companies from around the world.

Noah Glassco, Move One’s Country Manager for Mongolia, commented on the future trade announcement, saying “It is reassuring to hear about the mutual efforts presented towards a successful cooperation in the bill and how the pace of investment in Mongolia’s infrastructure is accelerating. As a leading logistics company in Central Asia, Move One is accustomed to operating in highly remote and extremely rugged conditions, and looks forward to helping international companies gain access to Mongolia’s unique opportunities.”

Mongolia is rich with natural resources, having some of the world’s biggest untapped reserves of copper, gold, coal and uranium, attracting investment from numerous foreign companies. The country is home to the Oyu Tolgoi project, a deposit of copper so large that it is projected to become the third largest producer in the world and boost the national economy by a third. However, even this project has been eclipsed by the Tavan Tolgoi coal mine, which has shown an estimated six billion tons of high grade coking coal.

“As the development of the Tolgoi mine projects marches on, cargo volumes entering Mongolia are rising significantly,” Glassco explains. “This translates into increased business for our operations in the capital and in the south Gobi as well.” With an office in Ulaanbaatar and another to open shortly in Oyu Tolgoi, Move One is actively involved in the country’s industrial development, using all resources at its disposal to assist with freight forwarding and logistics services.

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