Mongolian mobile users number reached 2.3 million

Mobile communication is in service in 335 soums of Mongolia, reaching 84% of total population. According to the report made by Communication Regulatory Committee of Mongolia and World Bank, three main goals were set: mobile technology support in soums, public communication service between herders’ families and connect soums with high speed internet. As the result of the program, mobile users number increased 4.3 times since 2005, reaching 2.3 million and 82 communication units were established in 184 bags (smallest administrative unit), allowing communication for the herders within 10-15 kms range at minimum.

34 soums and centers have access to high speed internet as much as in Ulaanbaatar with same rate.


I believe this is not the number of users but the number of active cell phone sim cards, because many people have 2 cell phones, and it wouldn’t make sense for almost everyone (babies?) to have a cell phone.

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