Mongolian delegates visit ACEPT

1. Peter Holden (TAFE Directors Australia), Byambasuren Natsagdorj (Vice Chairman, Government Agency of TVET), Liz Harris (CEO, Challenger Institute of Technology), Bumangeral Tsagaanuvgun (Director, Gobi Regional Methodological Centre of VET), Altantsetseg Tsevegjav (Manager, Ulaanbaatar Regional Methodological Centre), Greg Guppy (Director, Defense and Resource, Challenger Institute of Technology).

Challenger Institute of Technology Executives met with Mongolian vocational education representatives and a national member of TAFE Directors Australia last week to discuss future partnerships.

The Mongolian delegates visited Challenger’s Australian Centre for Energy and Process Training (ACEPT) where they got to experience the practical elements of the centre and gain an insight into the traineeships that Challenger offers.

The visit follows the signing of a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) of Vocational Educational Cooperation in February 2011 by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations of Australia and Mongolia’s Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

The agreement encourages the provision of opportunities for students from Mongolia to engage in mining and engineering study programs in Australian vocational educational institutions.

In particular, Challenger Institute hopes to be able to assist in providing training for employees of Mongolia’s largest resource project, the Oyu Tolgoi gold and copper mine in the country’s south.

Oyu Tolgoi will eventually account for about a third of Mongolia’s GDP.

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Wouldn’t it be cheaper and logistically more convemient to bring the education to Mongolia as opposed to sending thousnads of Mongolians to Australia.
Corporate sponsorship would not need to be restricted to Oyu Tolgoi and Ivanhoe Mining.
establishment and financing for a technical Institute in South Gobi region
with broad technical skills coriculum could be set up.
Particiption from many industries could be sought. Telecomunications, manufacturing, construction, etc.
Think bigger.
Elimination of ignorance should be the goal.
Mongolians are certainlky not stupid, they just need more education (eliminate ignorance, the lack of Knowledge not inteligence is the problem.
Things of importance never move as rapidly as one would like. Bu8t, if you do not start you certainly will never finish.

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