Is Mongolia on the path of dilemma?

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War within the party

Late Sunday evening adventurous speech of Prime Minister Saikhanbileg and threatening opening speech of Speaker Z.Enkhbold is the clear evidence on how harsh it becomes the internal fraction within the Demparty.

Long running hearsay about the deteriorating internal tension between Shonkhor, originated from and supported by Speaker Z.Enkhbold and Altan Gadas (Polar Star), the richest and the most powerful fraction of Demparty, has been floating like a ghost since the return of former PM Altankhuyag. At the moment, Speaker Z.Enkhbold is the leader of Demparty, but main decision making institute is consists of Altan Gadas supporters. If the party governing assembly is to be held today, Speaker Z.Enkhbold would face risks of losing the party leadership.

Tension between fractions is fueled by the oppositions’ position over the situation like in late 90s, when Demparty lost its support from public as the result of battle for the Prime Minister’s post. Monday morning, Deputy Speakers from Demparty, MPP and MPRP all signed on the official letter to PM Saikhabileg about reminding him that the signing of Tavan Tolgoi investment agreement will be illegal according to the legislators.

What is next?

If sides don’t pacify the current worsening situation, no single mega project will move forward and PM Saikhanbileg’s ambitious plan will be void. Under such circumstances, it is clear that no potential investor is willing to go into the Demparty’s internal war, sinking its reputation and future into this deepening stagnating situation, rather than waiting for the Parliamentary election of 2016. Can Tavan Tolgoi and OT issues will be decided before September 2016? May be TT



PM Saikhanbiileg’s keynotes

Last Sunday (Apri  5 2015), PM Saikhanbileg made encouraging speech through the main media channels rallying  people of Mongolia to support his actions to boost the stalling economy  of Mongolia

“Let me briefly sum up the speech and its points. The Government of Mongolia has implemented notable amount of works and issued uneasy decisions. We unlocked Oyu Tolgoi and Tavan Tolgoi deadlocks that harnessing the mega constructions and projects. What we should focus on now?

1) Amend the Constitution, and approve Law on Political Party.

2) Launch mega projects succeeding Oyu Tolgoi and Tavan Tolgoi

3) Develop countryside through introduction of local tax

4) Gradual liberation of Government controlled prices on certain products…



Opening of the Spring Session of SGK: Speaker Z.Enkhbold’s speech

President Elbegdorj hasn’t made an opening speech and Speaker Z.Enkhbold made speech instead.

He emphasized the importance of the spring session and expressed his position over Tavan Tolgoi negotiation.

He re-confirmed the letter of SGK to the Government about Tavan Tolgoi negotiation and expressed his intention to present dismissal proposition to the SGK if any Minister tries to sign the Tavan Tolgoi Investment Agreement.

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  1. John Smith says:

    Really good initiative by Mongolia and I agree as it will help in a long run.

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