Funding Eg River Hydro-power Plant is finalized

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The Cabinet Minister’s Meeting grants green light to “Eg River” Hydro Power Plant to start its construction

According to the Resolution 375 of the Government of Mongolia, “Eg River” hydropower plant project started to improve the stability of the central power line system and reduce the dependability from import, where Mongolia pays US$25-26 million for the imported electricity.

US$827 million of “Chinese soft loan (US$1 billion), penned during the Chinese President Xi’s visit to Mongolia autumn 2014, will be the funding source of the Eg River Hydropower Plant, located in over 600 kms north of Ulaanbaatar.

When the project is in operation, it will decrease coal consumption of Ulaanbaatar City by 200 thousand tons, further reducing the most of the pollution in the urban areas.

The hydropower plant dam is expected about 95 meters tall, 730 meters long, producing 500 million kw with its 4×55 megawatt aggregates.

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