PM Altankhuyag is stepped out of his position by SGK vote

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MPs vote for PM dismissal

Prime Minister of “Government of Reform “and MP Altankhuyag was dismissed by the State Great Khural with 54.5% (36 MPs) favor votes and replaced by Deputy Prime Minister Terbishdavga temporarily.

Against votes from ruling parties joined the in the coalition Cabinet were:

  1. Amarjargal.R (Demparty)
  2. Battulga.Kh (Demparty) former Minister for Industry and Agriculture
  3. Batzandan.J (Demparty)
  4. Burmaa.R (Demparty)
  5. Zorigt.M (Demparty)
  6. Narankhuu.B (Demparty)
  7. Tsog.L (Justice Coalition)
  8. Uyanga.G (Justice Coalition)
  9. Battsogt.D (Demparty)
  10. Erdenechimeg.L (Demparty)

Other MPs who didn’t attend the vote, which alternative way of supporting the dismissal of PM Altankhuyag are:

  1. Arvin.D (Demparty)
  2. S.Erdene (Demparty)
  3. D.Gankhuyag (Demparty) former Minister for Mining
  4. G.Bayarsaikhan (Demparty)
  5. S.Odontuya (Demparty)
  6. D.Ganbat (Demparty)
  7. M.Batchimeg (Demparty)
  8. G.Batkhuu (Demparty)
  9. S.Ganbaatar
  10. Ts.Oyunbaatar (Justice Coalition)
  11. Ch.Ulaan (Justice Coalition) former Minister for Finance

Speaker Enkhbold.Z took break and invited SGK party group leaders to his room for discussion.


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