Special permit of Industrial and Technology Park is granted

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The Government of Mongolia is granting soft loan in building industrial and technology park to process animal raw material domestically, renewal of equipment and technology, and increase of cash flow. Also additional subsidy is given to herders who sold their animal products (sheep and camel wool) to domestic factories.

Within the framework of this policy, “New Asia Group” LLC was granted in return to its request, with the 4 year special permit to run Industrial and Technology Park in Zavkhan aimag, as presented by the Ministry of Industry and Agriculture.

According to the project, Industrial and Technology Park will be built in the territory of Telmen soum, next to the planned 100 megawatt power station, with purpose of processing raw material from animal according to the main standard, correctly coordinating raw material trading, and producing value added and export oriented goods with ecological and complex water treatment facilities.

Zavkhan aimag has good location to get supply from 5 aimags of the western Mongolia with reserve of 22.5 million animals in the region.

The following production will be made at the Industrial and technology Parks with purpose of replacing import, increasing export and producing final products of high technology.


  1. Hide and leather processing factory
  2. Hide and leather product factory
  3. Wool processing factory
  4. Meat processing factory
  5. Milk processing factory
  6. Fruit processing factory

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