Shangri La Ulaanbaatar Hotel building is under fire

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Today, about 13.10 in local time, as officials confirm, Shagnri La Ulaanbaatar Hotel building caught into fire and it was put down by the firefighters around 14.40. Fire was broke from the 7th floor and earlier finding was the electrical wire was the cause of fire.

Fortunately, no fatality record is reported because of the lunch time, most of contractors left the premise.

It is third biggest fire incident in private property with major damage. According to the official report, around $500 million invested into the project and expected to be in operation by 2015.

Shangri La Ulaanbaatar Center briefs:

  • First section: 24 floor hotel with 275 beds
  • Second section: 24 floor office tower
  • “Valley Wing” 34 floor luxury hotel and serviced apartments
  • 5-floor shopping mall with commercial and service area with:
    • Cinema with 8 halls
    • Electron gaming center
    • Recreation and leisure spaces
    • Modern fitness center
    • World known chain restaurants

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3 Responses to Shangri La Ulaanbaatar Hotel building is under fire

  1. Earth Wind & Fire says:

    Who is the insurance company for the Shang?

  2. Amarsanaa says:

    Some say that Ard Daatgal was in charge of the insurer

  3. Allan Dorset says:

    What is the reason for fire spread on the facades? Was the facade material made isulation foam, plastic or any similar?

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