Working group on “Talyn Zam” project kicks off

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Talyn Zam project

Talyn Zam project

This summer, Modern day ‘silk road’ “Talyn Zam” (Steppe Road) project was initiated by the Government of Mongolia. Mr. Batbayar, Minister for Economic Development, made introduction of the project, and Cabinet Meeting made decision to set up working group on the project, headed by the Minister for Economic Development.

Within the framework of the “Talyn Zam” project, 997 km long highway, 1100 km long high voltage electrical line, gas and oil pipeline are planned. As the result of the project, the Mongolian Government expects increased FDI, construction throughout the nation and new era in the energy and mining sectors.

The Ministry of Economic Development has conducted extensive research, according to the point 4.4 of General Plan of Development of the Economy and Society in 2014 “to create infrastructure facility (railway, highway, oil, gas and energy) connecting the Russian Federation with People’s Republic of China”. As the result, “Talyn Zam” initiative was included in the Joint Statement on Profound Strategic Partnership Relations between Mongolia and China and Mongolian side continued the dialogue with the Russian officials during the President Putin’s visit. President Putin warmly accepted the initiative and hinted to continue the negotiation further.

The Mongolian Government wants to avail this opportunity to connect the biggest provider of mineral resource and the biggest consumer and plays active role in realizing the modern day silk road through Mongolia, which will become the safest and shortest connection between China and Russia.

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