Over 20 official documents will be inked during Putin’s visit

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Mr. Tsagaan, Head of the President’s Office provided some information on President Putin’s visit, which will last only 6 hours. He answered few questions to the media

Q: What kind of documents will be signed during the President Putin’s visit?
A: Over 20 official documents will be inked during the visit and no strategic documents will be signed due to the lack of preparation.
These documents shall bring much contribution in the development of the mutual relations. I have no doubt that this visit will accelerate the slow pace of development in the relations between two countries.

Q: Putin invited President Elbegdorj to the Russian federation and when the President of Mongolia will pay visit to the Russian Federation?
A: President Elbegdorj officially announced that he will pay visit to the Russian Federation in May 2015, in occasion of the 70th Anniversary of Great Victory (victory over Germany during the World War 2).

Q:What are the key positions of the two parties over the railroad gauge?
A: There are about 3-4 documents under discussion. It is still uncertain that all these documents will be considered and negotiated during the visit. Therefore, it is hard to predict which documents will be inked.

There will be many decisions in the consular relations between two countries and business community cooperation, especially, annulling visa agreement between citizens of both countries. It will be excessive expectation if all the planned documents will be agreed and signed during the visit, however the visit will bring much acceleration in the development of the mutual relations. I see that the if the start is good then the progress will be better.

Editorial: Relatively less important documents than Chairman Xi’s visit, will be signed during President Putin’s visit. But several ambitious plans (“Steppe Road”, “Silk Road Initiative” and so on) will be auditioned to Putin’s level, which will be the kick-off of further negotiations until President Elbegdorj’s visit to Russia. Economically and politically, this visit will pave new opportunities in the relations of two countries in the next decade.


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