Xi Jinping : I re-emphasize that China respects the independence, territorial integrity and development choice of Mongolia

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photo by Byamba-Ochir mpa.mn

photo by Byamba-Ochir mpa.mn

Xi Jinping: I re-emphasize that China respects the independence, territorial integrity and development choice Mongolia, and it will continue generation by generation.

Chairman Xi and President Elbegdorj made media statement at the State Ceremonial Hall.

President Elbegdorj said that “Chairman Xi Jinping is visiting to Mongolia first time as Chairman of People’s Republic of China. Both parties agree that this state visit will confirm the level of cooperation and established friendly relations between Mongolia and China, and will further develop the current level and determine the prospect of it.

During the visit, Chairman Xi Jinping and I had personal meeting and official meeting. The meeting was held under the great comfort and friendly atmosphere. We exchanged our point of views on the interested issues and reached important conclusions and agreements. The most importantly, we consider our relations as the profound strategic partnership and signed on the memorandum of further development of such relations. I would like to mention core principles of the Statement here:

“Parties will mutually respect each other’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, and adhere the principles of non-aggression stance, non-intervention in the domestic affairs, mutually balanced and beneficial relations, and peaceful co-existence and mutually respect each other’s development path.

Plus, he emphasizes that “Parties shall not conduct any activities, sign any agreement or pact, join any alliance and allow or accept any third countries, organizations and alliances to  perform any activities to harm and damage each other’s sovereignty, security and territorial integrity.

Today’s joint statement is clear expression of the historical importance of Chairman Xi’s visit to Mongolia, and determines fundament of the two-nations’ relations, confirms the willingness of further development of such relations, and opens wide opportunity to mutually balanced and openly solve any issues between two nations.

During the visit, many negotiations and agreement was made between the Government officials and Ministers of two countries and signs over 30 agreement and MoU. This is the clear example of the visit’s constructiveness.

Since Mongolia is being landlocked country, I would like to mention here the importance of railway transit transportation agreement with People’s Republic of China. Through the agreement, we solved many issues such as sea ports, new railway border crossings, destinations, load capacity, terms of the agreement and other exemptions.

We say …“Rain welcomes good-will bearer” and it means you are the good will bearer and our people welcome you with good heart. (Mongolian climate is mostly dry and when rain comes herders are happy for their pasture and animal. Therefore, when visitor coincides with rain coming, it is always respectful sign)

Chairman Xi Jinping said that “…using this opportunity I would like to re-emphasize that China respects the independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and development choice of the people of Mongolia. Also China considers China-Mongolian relations as the primary direction of our foreign policy. Together with Mongolia, China is ready to be a mutually trusted, responsible and good neighbor, good friend and good partner. Through joint effort, we, as much as Mongolia, are ready to become a heartfelt friendly neighbor with mutual interests. Let’s work together to build joint prosperity and development through cooperation and mutual support.

Two nations will continue their cooperation in the projects of “Silk Road Economic Zone”, “Steppe Road” initiative and Asian Business Development Bank. China supports the Mongolian initiative of Three Nations Summit, China, Mongolia and Russia.

Today is nice humid day. As President Elbegdorj said, cooperation humid is arriving together with wind of friendship. It is a sign of improvement of the two nations relations into the new era and new future.

I invite you President Elbegdorj to the APEC Meeting which will be held in China this November.


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