Mongolia invites Japanese investment and technology

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The official visit of the President of Mongolia begun yesterday in Tokyo when the President landed in the country of sunrise with large number of private and state owned enterprise representatives including directors of Erdenes MGL, Erdenes TT and Erdenes OT.

He addressed the Japanese government and businesses  inviting them to Mongolia and to confirm that country is open for business for Japanese. Also, the President emphasized that Japan always helped Mongolia in critical times in history, in this regard, he thanked the People of Japan. He openly confirmed that Mongolian government will support Japan’s participation in Tavan Tolgoi coking coal mine project.

Mongolia, solely dependent on export of raw materials plans to build refineries, power plants, windfarms and smelters that would create added value goods. For that, it needs advanced technologies that Japan could help invest and assist.

Mongolia will sign a Economic Cooperation Agreement with Japan during this visit, and the signing parties are the President of Mongolia and the Prime Minister of Japan.

Mr. President also stated that PRC’s President Xi Jinping’s official visit is August, 18th and President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin will visit the country 3 days after on 21st.

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