Political interest to remove Justice Minister Kh.Temuujin

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Since the establishment of the new government, the Government for Change, one of the most active ministry was the Justice Ministry and its Minister, MP Kh.Temuujin. He was infamous of getting into debate and quarrels with former Minister of Justice Ts.Nyamdorj in the previous parliamentary period. It is believed that main dispute between two are more fundamental than simple difference of party membership. Kh.Temuujin is a Democratic party member and Ts.Nyamdorj is a member of People’s Party or “ex-communist” party.

After his appointment as a Minister of Justice in 2012, he had the full-backing of President, Prime Minister and the Speaker of SGK to implement the reform in legal structures of Criminal law and other related laws. He viewed that the previous law is outdated, harsh and limits a court process in terms of defendant and advocates. He also argued that too much formal and informal force was given into hands of police chiefs and prosecutor’s offices making them vulnerable on taking bribes and using their power to prosecute, accuse anyone and put in prison without trial. He ambitiously started executing the reform plan. His plan also included re-organizing of police force in the country.

The new re-organization process involved re-appointing number of position which included the Chief of National Police Agency B.Bilegt. However, he wasn’t officially re-appointment until today which is for about 5 months. It fuelled the resentment against the re-organization of the police force in the country. From last month, news was spreading over the news that Kh.Temuujin had an “affair” with a lady and the lady was in prison due to use of drugs. It has also been said that his decision to re-locate the building of a newly built military hospital caused a damage of an expensive medical equipment. The Legal Standing Committee convened 2 days ago to vote out Kh.Temuujin as a Minister of Justice. It was rumoured on the local press that the criminal evidences have been presented in the meeting.

A day ago, President of Mongolia expressed his concern on stability of the current reform process and insisted that he should not resign. He praised him of having his own stance and independent views and he promised that he will not give up on the reform process. Kh.Temuujin expressed his views on the current matter on Twitter saying that “Legal sector reform has become a fight against political interests and groups, white collar criminals that robbed banks, and law officers that are involved with criminals. If they think that they can privatize the legal sector just like they did with the state property, political parties, and ministries – I say NO to them. I am not going to resign as your wish. I will stand against despite your accusations and insults. If you want, reveal yourselves in public and push your buttons…”. A Facebook page was created supporting Kh.Temuujin titled “We are with Temuujin” yesterday and as of today it has over 5000 likes.

After the Standing Committee’s decision, State Great Khural will decide on whether remove Kh.Temuujin from Minister post or not by a majority vote.


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