Nagata Engineering proposes dry washing tech for TT

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Earlier, the Ministry of Mining of Mongolian and Ministry of Economy, Industry and Trade of Japan agreed to introduce dry washing technology of coal. As result of this agreement, NAGATA ENGINEERING CO., LTD. completed its coal dry/sand washing technology using in Japan. 

NAGATA ENGINEERING CO., LTD. engages in the engineering and manufacture of industrial equipment. It offers environmental resources recycling equipment, such as fluidized bed type gravity separating equipment, wet type gravity separating equipment, oil agglomeration equipment, and mould conveyors for melting slug and metal; and industrial equipment, including pig casting machines, ladle tilting machines, and mixers (pug-mil and double paddle mixers). The company also provides coal preparation plants and equipment, which include coal preparation plant engineering products; coal preparation equipment, such as vari-wave JIG products, feeders, belt conveyors, and flotators; and dry type coal separating machines. In addition, it offers industry environment equipment, machinery equipment of steel industry, and other industrial machineries. The company was founded in 2004 and is based in Kitakyushu-shi, Japan. As of May 15, 2012, NAGATA ENGINEERING CO., LTD. operates as a subsidiary of Mitsui Matsushima Co., Ltd.

Nagata Engineering is proposed two types of technology and equipment for Tavan Tolgoi coal deposit. Firstly, using “Fluidized bed separator” /FBS/ to separate coal particles with size of 10-35 mm. The Fluidized Bed provides an environment having a density between the densities of the materials to be separated, so the less dense particles will float on the top of the bed and the heavier ones will sink through it. Secondly, coal particles with size of 0.5-10 mm will be separated by the air table equipment, which is pneumatic separation with air tables (the earliest patent was registered in USA). Roughly, there are four general group techniques of air table:

  1. Stationary devices with pulsating air currents
  2. Stationary device with continuous air currents
  3. Reciprocating or vibrating devices with pulsating air
  4. Reciprocating or vibrating devices with a continuous air supply, common name is the American Pneumatic Separator

If dry washing technology is introduced, it is surely most welcoming technology of coal washing in the region where surface water resource is scarce.

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